COVID-19 Update

As a small family business, we have learned to adapt to the forever changing landscape and hardships of this last year and now into 2021. We appreciate each and every one of you for your continued loyalty and support. 

With the announcement yesterday, we would like to first address our message. We believe our gym is essential in the fight of Covid-19, both physically and mentally. Our belief in a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical activity, stress relieving measures and healthy nutrition. We answer to these essential needs. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, sports related injuries, and mental illness are at an all time high due to the inability to work out, train or just move. Those are numbers we also can’t ignore. 

Our gym has been in the heart of Shadyside for over 26 years. We are truly invested in our community and the belief that our health is a priority. It is at the heart of all our decisions. We are here for our members and employees. It is important to us that we keep our members healthy and our employees working. 

We have struggled to remain open. We have lost over half of our members to cancellations and freezes. We have been jumping hurdle after hurdle. Each news conference, mandate, and uptick in numbers, forces that same reaction that sends us all to the toilet paper aisle. 

During our 3 month shutdown, we spent thousands of dollars in updating our facility to adhere to guidelines and to keep members safe. We listened to your concerns and compliments through surveys and are confident in our ability to operate successfully and safely following all Covid-19 protocols. If you are a member that has visited the gym recently, you know that we are never close to our mandated capacity. We have at any given time 10 people on either floor which are within the guidelines of indoor gatherings.

Our data, and the data collected over the months of Covid-19 for health clubs across the country, show the low check-ins to virus percentage. IHRSA and MXM’s “visits to virus” ratio tracker have shown 49.4 million member check-ins to 1155 singular cases of Covid-19 with no cases contributing to community transmission...translating to a 0.0023% infection rate. For more information on health club transmission, please go to

We have partnered with the PA Fitness Alliance and meet every week to get updates from all gym owners across Pennsylvania on the newest protocols and safety measures from the CDC, WHO, John Hopkins and other resources. We have taken the Covid-19 Contact Tracing Course through John Hopkins University. We are participating in the “Active and Safe Commitment” through IHRSA. We have health care professionals as active members who have expressed they don’t feel compromised and understand the essential part of fitness for the overall well-being of the individual. 

Under the current guidelines, big box retailers are allowed up to 50% capacity. SO... in a Home Depot or a Target, you can be surrounded by 500+ people at their 50% capacity any time you walk in their doors. We have not reached 10% capacity (125 people) ever during Covid-19. We are lucky to have 20 people at any given time.

All that being said;

Over 26 years, we have employed and contributed to thousands of peoples lives. Our convictions and beliefs are about keeping our community healthy. We are steadfast in our loyalty to those members who have been with us through it all. They have first-hand knowledge and work with us to keep everyone safe. Our hardworking employees, our family, have worked tirelessly to keep these goals a priority and have stayed strong throughout this year of financial hardship. 

We hope you see the importance of staying active both physically and mentally, and the importance of supporting small businesses during this time. 

We are asking you to, please, not freeze or cancel your membership at this time. We are asking you to support a family owned, small business which needs your help to continue and see this through. This ask is not out of greed or a dismissal of others affected by Covid-19, but a plea to support if you are able. 

If you need to discuss your membership, please contact


John and Dana Byrnes + the X Shadyside family