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Logan Kent

Logan Kent


B.S. Exercise Science from the University of Akron

Certified Personal Trainer ACSM

CPR First Aid, AED, Red Cross


When I was in high school, I suffered a major back injury due to improper exercise habits driven by the sports I played. Since then, I became dedicated to becoming a personal trainer so that others would not have to suffer the same mistakes I have. Therefore my primary specialties include biomechanics, injury prevention and recovery, mobility and stability, strength training, and sports specific training. I have been very fortunate in my training career to have seen just about every kind of client from young children, to elderly adults, and every fitness level imaginable. 

Exercise Philosophy

My main philosophy can be described as movement first or as some say, "movement is medicine." I work with clients to establish quality movement patterns, get out of pain, and increase range of motion first before moving on to other goals. Movement provides the foundation on which you can build a happy and healthy life!

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