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X Shadyside is Ready to Open — Here’s What You Need to Know

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Pittsburgh Health & Fitness Facility

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X Shadyside marks the spot for the beginning of your fitness journey. Our memberships include flexible workout hours, unlimited workout classes, and access to the leading fitness community in Pittsburgh.

Membership Details
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Facilities & memberships


X Shadyside provides members with the ultimate workout and fitness facility. Memberships include access to a diverse selection of cardio equipment and weight machines, unlimited group classes, and flexible hours of operation. With personal training and massage therapy available, X Shadyside is your one-stop-shop for reaching your fitness goals.

Get to Know Us
"I love working out here. The memberships are priced very well for the city, and classes are included. They offer a great variety of classes, and the community is very supportive, respectful, and fun! All of the employees are very sweet, and I never feel judged or shy to workout. Definitely check it out. Such a gem in our Shadyside community!"
Erika Levarse
"Amazing gym! They’re doing renovations which is great for more empty floor space for mat workouts. Moved to Pitt looking for a clean, modern gym with friendly staff and found it. Tried the PNC Y downtown and it wasn’t half as nice. Price isn’t terrible and you can quit at anytime. Plus, all the classes at X Shadyside are free which is great and the selection is solid too (P90X, insanity)."
Jennifer Winther
"X Shadyside is a great gym. Location is perfect, facilities are clean and the staff is helpful and kind. They offer a variety of classes and the building itself has more than enough space. Its open 24 hours which makes it easy to get a workout in, and they offer enough equipment to target any part of the body. I highly recommend this gym for anyone who's not a fan of waiting in line for a machine."