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Brenna Fabila

Brenna Fabila


NASM Certified Personal Trainer


I consider myself to be a movement enthusiast. For me, movement is a source of happiness and learning and should not be treated as a chore! Pleasure should always be a priority when it comes to fitness, your movement should be fun and make you feel good. For me that means incorporating different styles of movement into my routines. My main focus and background is in traditional weight training however, my routines have of lately evolved into more of a personal playtime with an added yoga flow and primal movements for added mobility, balance and body awareness.

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and nutritional coach. The specialty training I am currently studying is in corrective exercise. I will forever be a student of movement and will always continue to look for ways to improve myself and to improve others, especially to help girls find strength and joy in their movement journeys!!

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