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4 Key Tips to Help You Overcome Gym Anxiety

January 18, 2022

One of the big reasons that people avoid going to the gym is out of anxiety, fear, or inexperience. Often, the biggest roadblock that prevents people from achieving their goals happens outside of the gym. If you find yourself dreading going to the gym or feel too intimidated to even try exercising in a gym, keep reading.

Today we are going to be discussing how you can push through gym anxiety and get comfortable working out in public. Luckily, there are a lot of techniques you can use to overcome the fear often associated with entering the gym. Whether it’s working with a personal trainer in Pittsburgh to build your confidence or bringing a friend along with you, the best strategy for overcoming anxiety is the one that works for you. 

What are the Common Causes of Gym Anxiety?

Before we can explore how to overcome gym anxiety with the help of a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, we need to address the common triggers

man looking worried in the gym
If you’re feeling anxious in the gym, it will affect your workout.

Gym anxiety is very common for people just beginning their fitness journey. But, why is it so common? We’re going to be taking a look at some of the causes of gym anxiety so you can get a better idea of the specific stressors that might discourage you from visiting your local gym:

         1. Inexperience

If this is your first time packing your workout clothes and heading out to the gym, it is normal to feel a little bit nervous. Trying anything new for the first time encourages a healthy amount of nervousness. The problem becomes when you get overwhelmed to enter through the front door.

          2. You’re Starting at a New Gym

Just like visiting the gym for the first time, starting a new gym means encountering the unknown. It is possible you feel like your new gym might be judgemental or uncomfortable.

          3. Anxiety Around Others

This is usually the most common form of gym related anxiety. People most often feel they are being judged by other gym goers or may feel uncomfortable when the gym gets too busy.

Now that we’ve discussed the root problems, it is time to move on to solutions.

       1. Start Working Out with a Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh

If you’re feeling nervous about going to the gym, you can hire a personal trainer in Pittsburgh to get you acquainted with the gym space

X Shadyside training photo medicine ball
Your personal trainer can get you up to speed if you are new to the gym.

Sometimes all it takes to overcome your gym-related anxiety is having a guide. If you are brand new to the gym and are having difficulty using the machines, we recommend starting with a personal trainer in Pittsburgh. When you work out with the help of a personal trainer, you can ask questions, get advice, and build your confidence until you feel ready to tackle the gym on your own.

       2. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

If you don’t nail your very first workout, don’t let it discourage you from exercising at the gym

friends laughing at gym class
Keep your workouts light to avoid getting overwhelmed.

This is a very common issue for people just starting back at the gym. It can seem like the more pressure you put on yourself in the gym, the more likely you are to succeed. However, this is not the case for most beginners. When you train with a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, you can work through your feelings and your fitness goals

         3. Bring a Friend

Doing things alone always adds a bit of extra stress to a new activity. If you’re feeling especially nervous, invite a friend

Having a support system is an important part of staying fit.

It’s pretty likely that you know someone else who is ready to hit the gym, but isn’t quite sure how to start. If you’re both a bit unsure or anxious about getting in a gym space, then team up! Doing things alone often creates more anxiety than when you decide to train with a workout buddy. So, bring a friend and allow yourselves to lift each other up — emotionally, not physically.

           4. Plan Your Workout Time

When working with a personal trainer in Pittsburgh, plan out your supplementary workouts ahead of time

spin class
Writing down your workout plans in a calendar helps you get in the mindset to workout.

When you’re working with a personal trainer, often times you’ll have supplementary workouts in between your sessions. When it comes time to work out on your own, you may not feel as motivated to complete your workout. To combat this, try writing out your workout plan on a calendar. By planning your workouts ahead of time, you’ll enter the gym knowing exactly what you want to accomplish. This not only helps with managing your time both inside and outside of the gym, but it also helps with the overall effectiveness of your workout. 

If you’re still nervous about going to the gym, contact X Shadyside to schedule an appointment with one of our personal trainers in Pittsburgh. As one of the top gyms in Pittsburgh, PA, X Shadyside offers a variety of training options that can help you push through a rut in your fitness journey. Whether you are interested in free weights, cardio equipment, or TRX suspension training, X Shadyside has you covered. Learn how to become a member at one of the best boutique gyms in the city today!

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