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6 Reasons Why You Should Try a Personal Trainer

December 3, 2019

Whether you’re a regular at your Pittsburgh gym or are planning on beginning a new fitness journey, you know how difficult it can be to find the motivation some days. Whether you’re caught up in a busy schedule, tired of the monotony of your workout, or are simply dreading your workout as a whole, it’s easy to find an excuse to skip the gym. But one skipped gym day easily becomes two, and before you know it you’ve missed a week’s worth of workouts.

At X Shadyside, we know how hard it can be to get yourself to the gym some days, and we want everyone to fall in love with their fitness journey. One of the best ways to do this? Start working out with a personal trainer! We’re here to break down the 6 reasons you should work out with a personal trainer Pittsburgh, sharing the incredible benefits that a personal trainer can bring to your life and fitness journey.

Personal Trainers are for Everyone

A personal trainer in Pittsburgh isn’t just for professional athletes

personal trainer pittsburgh

A major misconception about choosing personal training for your fitness journey is that trainers are reserved for high-caliber athletes. People often believe that the regular Joe Schmo on the street doesn’t need a personal trainer and couldn’t bring much value to your workouts. However, personal trainers are there for everyone to utilize. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing workouts, train for a marathon, lose weight, or turn a new leaf to a healthy lifestyle, personal trainers have experience working with people of all ability levels. A personal trainer Pittsburgh can help you develop a workout that fits with your lifestyle, abilities, and goals to get you on track to reach new heights.

Personal Trainers Help Prevent Injuries

Trainers Know How to Keep You Safe While Working Out

personal trainers injury pittsburgh

Personal trainers in Pittsburgh know what it takes to help you reach your goals. They design workouts with your abilities in mind and help you learn how to work out safely and effectively. They do this by teaching proper form, spotting your lifts, and ensuring that you’re upping weight at appropriate times. Without proper guidance, it’s easy for people to hurt their backs or become seriously injured while working out. Even if you only train with a personal trainer for a short amount of time, a personal trainer can help you lay the foundation for a healthy, safe, and effective workout regimen for months and years to come.

A Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh Educates Clients

Exercise Education Makes Healthier, Stronger Athletes

personal trainer education pittsburgh

Working with a personal trainer Pittsburgh means you are working with a professional who is trained to help you train. A certified personal trainer (CPT) is trained in program planning, fitness assessments, technique, and safety, all of which help you work out safely and effectively. This knowledge isn’t kept private, either. Your personal trainer can help teach you about which exercises are most effective, how to see results, and how to fall in love with working out. Clients walk away with the knowledge needed to continue on a safe and healthy fitness journey, taking the guesswork out of reaching your goals.

Personal Trainers Provide Accountability

Hold Yourself Accountable for Training & Improving

personal trainer pittsburgh

If you’re like most people, you know how hard it can be to get yourself to the gym somedays. It seems like you can find an excuse almost every day - it’s raining, I’m too busy, too tired, or too sore from the day before - to keep you from the gym. Training with a personal trainer Pittsburgh helps create accountability in yourself to show up to the gym and get the job done. Accountability is the #1 thing missing from most workout regimens and can be the factor that differentiates a successful fitness journey from those which have failed in the past.

Personalize Your Workout with a Personal Trainer Pittsburgh

Create a Workout for Your Specific Needs

personal trainer plan pittsburgh

As we age, most of us find that we’re no longer the pristine-condition high school athletes that we may have once been. Our bodies are not as prepared for an intense workout and our bodies may not be able to handle workouts how they used to. If you’re entering personal training with a bad back or while recovering from an injury, your personal trainer can personalize your workouts to make accommodations for you. Avoiding certain workouts and making small changes to specific exercises allows you to work out safely and still reach your goals.

Personal Trainers Bring Variety to Your Workouts

Shake Things Up with a Personal Trainer Pittsburgh

personal trainer new workout pittsburgh

Many people get stuck in a rut while working out because they don’t have enough variety. Completing the same workout day in and day out can become monotonous and your results may begin to plateau. Personal trainers help you work out with a purpose and a plan, challenging yourself each and every day to improve and target new areas on your body. This adds a great amount of variety to your workout, helping you to enjoy working out and look forward to improving yourself each day.

Think it’s time to try out personal training for yourself? Get in touch with the best personal trainer Pittsburgh at X Shadyside to begin your fitness journey today.

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