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7 Tips to Balance Your Busy Schedule with Your Fitness Goals

September 14, 2021

Most people are busier than ever these days. Whether it's school, a demanding job or other obligations, a lot of people feel like they don’t have any time to workout during the day. That’s why we’ve created a list of ways to stay in shape even with a busy schedule. Taking care of your health and fitness is important — and there are easy and fun ways you can work exercise into your daily routine. Let’s explore some of the ways that anyone, no matter how busy, can stay in shape. We’ll show you a few ways to maintain a consistent workout schedule including personal training in Pittsburgh and finding your favorite workouts.

         1. Get Advice From a Fitness Expert

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to a workout routine, you can always get started by attending personal training in Pittsburgh

personal training medicine ball mask floor work gym
A personal trainer can help you find the best exercises for your lifestyle.

Not everyone knows exactly how to get started exercising, especially when it comes to working an exercise routine into your busy schedule. For college students this is especially true, since many students are living on their own for the first time. If you are lost on how to fit in a workout around your job or classes, we recommend seeking out personal training in Pittsburgh. Once you have found a personal trainer you trust, you can ask them any and all questions you have about finding time to get your heart rate up. After meeting with a personal trainer, you can use their advice to start exercising around your busy schedule.

        2. Find Workouts That You Can Do in Any Location

After getting started with personal training in Pittsburgh, it’s time to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your everyday life

woman exercising interval workout outside winter time
Take a pair of running shoes with you wherever you go!

After you have learned a little bit about the best kind of workouts for your schedule, it's time to customize your exercise plan to fit your busy lifestyle. Start by choosing a few exercises that you can do on the go. There are lots of different and effective ways to burn some calories outside of the gym. Some key ways to get some exercise without any equipment include interval training, yoga, and running. All of these activities take very little preparation and equipment to accomplish, so you can easily add them to your daily schedule.

         3. Use Your Free Time to Stay Active

It doesn’t matter how little downtime you have, there are still ways to get your blood pumping

young man running up stairs outdoor exercise red shirt
If there are stairs at your school or office, use them to get a quick workout in.

Though you may not have much free time during the day, there can still be time to get a quick workout in. As we mentioned before, choose an activity that takes very little preparation and add it into a free half hour, or even a 15 minute chunk of time. For example, if you have a 30  minute break at work, use that time to go on a walk outside or walk up and down the stairs a few times. Though these may seem like very small steps, they really can add up and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing. 

        4. Start Small and Choose Exercises You Love

By choosing exercises you enjoy, you are much more likely to stick to your routine

woman doing yoga in orange top in front of orange background
Not everyone is a weightlifter, so find what makes you excited to get moving.

Depending on your personality and preferences, there are going to be some exercises that you enjoy more than others. If you’re not a runner or interested in weight training, that's absolutely okay. There are so many other ways to get moving! If you are struggling with getting motivated, find an exercise that you enjoy and start there. From dancing to long nature walks, there are lots of ways to stay active without getting overwhelmed. If you need someone to keep you motivated, invite a friend!

         5. Make Yourself a Schedule and Hold Yourself Accountable

Make an exercise schedule you can really stick to, no matter how hectic school or work

woman in sweater writing in planner on desk with flowers and computer
Scheduling your workouts will help you find pockets of time in your day.

Working out is often last on the list of priorities for those who have exceptionally busy schedules. If your day at work or school is super busy and you’re feeling beat after a long day, don’t skip your daily workout! There is always a way you can fit in even a few minutes of exercise. Not to mention, more often than not, people who workout after a stressful day feel less stress when it's time to fall asleep.

           6. Track Your Daily Activity

Part of holding yourself accountable means cataloging your workouts

man checking watch fit bit pedometer during workout holding cell phone
There are so many ways technology can help you keep track of your fitness journey.

If you have a busy schedule, it is likely you already keep a well organized calendar or planner. As you begin your new workout routine, you should keep track the same way you keep track of meetings, classes, or appointments. Next time you get out your calendar, write down all of the physical activity you did that day. That way, you have a record of your exercise plan and you can build on where you started. A good way to track physical activity during the day is by using a pedometer to track your steps. Many phones and apps these days can track your movement and give you a full report on your daily activity. 

           7. Check In With Yourself On a Weekly Basis

Make sure that your new exercise plan is working for your needs

woman meditating on beach in workout clothes
Listen to your body and start slowly to avoid injury.

You won’t be able to reap all the benefits of working out around a busy schedule if you don't take the time to check in with yourself. Write down your progress, how you’re feeling, and if you think there are any changes you should make in the future. Are you running into barriers preventing you from working out consistently? Is there a time of day when you feel the best being active? Jot down your thoughts on a piece of paper or in your phone so you can keep yourself on the right track. If there are a few things that need to be changed, implement them next week.

And there you have it, the top 7 tips to balance your schedule with your fitness goals. If you are ready to get back in shape this coming fall, consider joining X Shadyside. X Shadyside is one of the top gyms in Pittsburgh, PA and offers a variety of classes that can help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Whether you are interested in personal training, group fitness classes, free weights, cardio equipment, or TRX suspension training, X Shadyside has you covered. Learn how to become a member at one of the best boutique gyms in the city today!

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