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How Sports Performance Training Reduces Risk of Injury

May 17, 2022

If you are an athlete, you probably know how devastating an in-season injury can be. Building up your strength and stamina takes a ton of work that can all be rendered useless by an ill-timed injury. That’s why injury prevention is not just important—it is essential for athletes of all kinds. Today we’re going to be discussing what causes sports injuries and how performance training reduces the risk of injury and helps you become a more well-rounded athlete. Let’s find out from one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh how athletes of all skill levels can benefit from sports performance training. 

What Causes Sports Injuries?

X Shadyside—one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh—understands why sports injuries happen

runner with sprained ankle kneeling
Avoid stress-related injuries by working with a personal trainer.

There is no one factor that causes sports-related injuries—but there are a few commonalities between a lot of sports injuries. The most prevalent issue we see that causes sports injuries is overtraining. The majority of athletes are focused on one sport in which they excel, and while there is nothing wrong with that, sometimes athletes still overtrain certain parts of their bodies. Take a marathon runner for example—while it is important to get those miles in, if you aren’t training the rest of your body you leave yourself at risk of injury. 

It is also important to note that the vast majority of sports injuries are non-contact injuries. That means that muscle pulls, stress fractures, and other stress-related injuries are far more common than injuries coming from contact sports. All too often, these injuries are caused by weak areas of the body that would benefit from sports performance training. 

Another common cause of sports injuries is a previous injury. It can be difficult for your body to bounce back from an injury and heal properly. Unless you change how you train and pay extra attention to your body—something that can be addressed through training at one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh—you are at a high risk of reinjury. When you work with a trainer at X Shadyside, you’ll learn how to improve your form and keep your body safe.

What Does Sports Performance Training Look Like?

When you train at one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh, you’ll feel stronger and more confident in your sport

X Shadyside training photo
Strength training is an important part of injury prevention.

When you opt to start strength training at X Shadyside—one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh, your trainer will work with you in 4 key areas.

  • Strength Training
  • Injury Prevention Education
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

By focusing on these 4 aspects of sports performance training, you’ll become stronger and more confident in your sport—and you’ll significantly decrease your risk of injury. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these four focus areas so you can get a better idea of how performance works at X Shadyside. 

Strength Training

When you start strength training with a professional at X Shadyside, you’re going to be pushed out of your comfort zone. Why is it necessary to push you out of your comfort zone? Because unless you strengthen the parts of your body that are not used for your sport, there is a good chance of a performance-related injury. Remember, your muscles and tendons all work together, so full-body strength training for all athletes is a must.

Injury Prevention Education

Learning how to prevent future injuries is invaluable for athletes of any skill level. This is especially true if you have been injured before. When you work with one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh, you’ll get the advice you need to prevent reinjury. 


A common cause of sports-related injuries is poor balance. Balance is especially important for those practicing team or contact sports. Maintaining balance through high-energy sports is important for protecting your joints and tendons. The last thing you want is an accidental slip on the field that causes a season-ending injury. 


When you train with one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh—X Shadyside— you’ll focus on flexibility as a form of injury prevention. The more flexible you are, the less you are at risk for both stress-related and impact-related sports injuries. For a lot of athletes, lack of flexibility leads to nagging injuries like pulled muscles or tendonitis.

The Benefits of Sports Performance Training

When you choose one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh, you’ll find ways to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury

bike race man taking the lead
Feel your best in time for your next competition.

Athletes need to perform at their highest capacity when it comes to competition. If you aren’t sports performance training, then it’ll be difficult to really give it your all. Even if you feel that you are training holistically by working on strength and flexibility, it can be difficult to see outside yourself and find areas for further improvement. That's where personal training is especially beneficial. Your personal trainer will be able to help you identify any weak points where you can improve your form, flexibility, or strength.

If you’re interested in learning more about sports performance training, contact X Shadyside. As one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh, X Shadyside offers personal training that can help you reach your athletic goals—no matter the sport or current skill level. Get in touch with us to learn how to become a member at one of the best boutique gyms in the city today!

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