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No Gym, No Problem: The Social Distancing Workout Plan

March 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic in indefinitely changing the way our society functions. With many nonessential businesses closing down, it’s difficult to carry out our daily routines uninterrupted. However, social distancing is the best way to stop the spread of the virus, which is why X Shadyside — a leader among Pittsburgh gyms — is here to share a number of tips and ideas for keeping up with your workout routine while at home. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep us with your routine and make the most out of your self-quarantine — or days when we just don’t want to leave the house. Check it out!

Social Distancing Cardio Outside of Pittsburgh Gyms

Raise Your Heart Rate with these At-Home Cardio Ideas

Raise Heart Rate

If you’re used to walking on a treadmill or elliptical for your workout, it can seem difficult to substitute your cardio when Pittsburgh gyms are closed. However, social distancing (at this point) still means you can go outside for a walk, jog, or run. Whether you’re looking to get in a few laps around the block, tackle an outdoor trail, or just play with your dog in the backyard, taking the time to get your steps in is the perfect solution for tackling your cardio. Best of all, this is a great way to get the fresh air you’re desperately craving.

If your home or apartment has a set of stairs, this is another great way to get your steps in. Complete short circuits of going up and down the stairs (3-5 times per set) at an appropriate pace. Be sure to wear proper footwear and be mindful of the railing. Additionally — be mindful of the time of day you do this if you have neighbors or share the staircase with others in your building.

Another great way to squeeze in some cardio is through a number of online workout classes. Youtube has a number of Zumba and dance workouts that you can stream to stay active. Additionally, many companies are offering free online classes for you to try at home — the perfect solution for staying active at home.

Using Household Goods as Weights

No Barbells? Try these At-Home Alternatives Instead

Use Household Items as Weights

Source: https://www.thebettermom.com/blog/2012/02/26/the-everyday-household-item-workout-free-printable

When Pittsburgh gyms are closed, you might not have access to the barbells you need to add resistance and weight to your workout. Luckily, a little creativity can go a long way with an at-home workout. Here are some common household items that can be used as weights during your workout:

  • 1-2 pounds: canned goods, salad dressings, bottles of oil and vinegar, a small bundle of spoons, a quart of milk, filled water bottle
  • 3-5 pounds: bags of onions or clementines, a medium-sized bag of rice, bag of potatoes, bag of flour.
  • 8-10 pounds: a gallon of water or milk, laundry detergent, your cat
  • 15-20 pounds: a can of paint

If you’re having trouble finding items that are the right weight, try filling a reusable grocery bag with a number of household items. These are strong enough that they won’t rip and are easy to grab for goblet squats, lunges, bicep curls, and more. If you want to add weight to other activities (like your stair workout), fill a backpack with items and get moving.

Find Your Footing with a Yoga Mat

Make a Comfortable Workout Space with Ease

Make a comfortable work space

If you’re looking to squeeze in a core workout at home, a yoga mat is a perfect solution. Designed to keep you from slipped and keep your body padded from hard flooring, a yoga mat is great for doing more than downward dog and lotus poses.

If you don’t have a yoga mat, lay a towel on an area rug or — if you have them laying around — use your kids’ gym mats to create a comfortable surface for stretching and working out.

Burn Calories & Tone with Household Chores

Kill Bacteria, Get Organized, and Squeeze in a Workout all at Once

Burn calories and tone with chores

If you’re like most people, the virus has you in cleaning overdrive. Make the most out of your cleaning binge by turning it into a workout. Here are a few ideas:

  • Vacuuming: Cleaning your carpets and floors can burn up to 175 calories per hour.
  • Dusting and Cleaning: If you’re dusting, cleaning windows, or sanitizing surfaces, adding wrist weights is a great way to add some resistance.
  • Reorganizing the Garage: If you’re bored and looking to be productive, cleaning out the garage is a great way to stay busy while completing a healthy workout of lifting, reaching, squatting, and moving.
  • Washing Dishes: If you’re doing a stationary activity like washing dishes, do some calf raíces to tone your legs.

Combine this cleaning routine with upbeat music to help raise your heart rate and motivate you to get the job done. Check out this Spotify playlist with high BPM music for your at-home workout routine.

Turn Your Netflix Binge into a Workout

Tune Into Your Favorite Shows while Toning Up

Netflix Binge

We’ve all seen drinking games made up for our favorite shows, telling you to take a sip when someone receives a rose on The Bachelor or take a shot every time someone gets a daily double in jeopardy. Take this same logic and try it out with a workout for your favorite shows! The internet is full of creative workouts for your favorite shows, including The Office, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter movie marathons, Grey’s Anatomy, and more. These workouts get you off the couch (even if for just one episode) and keep you moving.

Just because Pittsburgh gyms are closed doesn’t mean you need to miss out on a chance to stay active! In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and X Shadyside will be back to train with you soon.

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