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7 Tips For Staying Motivated for Your Workouts

August 21, 2020

Whether you have just set a new health goal for yourself or you have been working toward achieving a new fitness level for a few months now, it can be challenging to stay motivated on the path toward accomplishing these goals. 

With the start of the pandemic and its disruption in our everyday lives, we are also facing completely new obstacles we never had to worry about before. That’s why X Shadyside, one of the best gyms in Pittsburgh, is helping you stay motivated with these 7 fitness tips! 

1. Work With a Personal Trainer

Many gyms in Pittsburgh, including X Shadyside, offer personal trainers

x shadyside personal trainer with client

Working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to stay motivated and remain on-track with your workout schedule. When you sign up for one, your gym will typically pair you with someone whose schedule matches yours and whose area of expertise best fits your goals. 

Once you are matched with someone, your new trainer will help you create different short and long-term fitness goals as you continue throughout your personal journey. They will also make sure your workouts are tough yet fun. Throughout each workout, your trainer will remain by your side to motivate you and also ensure you are doing each exercise properly. 

Remote Training App

If you aren’t quite ready to workout with someone else in-person yet, you can also download the X Shadyside remote training app. When you sign up for this virtual fitness program, you are paired with a personal trainer who will assign customized workouts to you. During each of your workouts, your personal trainer will guide you through each exercise and keep you motivated to push yourself through to the very end. 

2. Schedule a Regular Workout Time

Make exercise part of your daily routine

trainer working with client

Some people prefer working out at the crack of dawn before work while others feel more energized in the evening to get a good workout in. Some people even enjoy scheduling a workout during their lunch hours. You should examine your weekly schedule to determine when you can best fit a workout in. 

Once you determine which times and day work best for your schedule, you will want to make a habit of working out then. As you continue to follow this schedule, it will be easier to make your workouts a normal part of your everyday routine. 

3. Train With Friends

Workout with friends who will keep you on track

two people working out together

Working out with a group or buddy who can hold you accountable is another effective method for staying motivated. If you already committed to working out with a friend after work or on the weekend, you will be less likely to skip out on that HIIT class you signed up for or sleep in instead of heading out for your early morning job. Plus, working out with a friend is just more fun than doing it alone!

4. Change it Up by Working Outside the Gyms in Pittsburgh

Try something new, like swimming or biking, for your next workout

woman outside checking watch

Sometimes, the gym can get a little boring. Change up your workout routine by kayaking at the beach or trying a new yoga class. Joining a sports league or taking a dance class are also fun and easy ways to stay in-shape. Trying out a new workout or activity can challenge you without making you feel bored or discouraged. 

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. While some people might enjoy spending 30 minutes on the treadmill, that might not be your thing. You can get your cardio in through HIIT classes or biking instead. 

5. Adjust Your Exercise Goals

Ask yourself what is motivating you

rack of weightlifting plates

Many people hit the gym in order to obtain a v-line waist or get rid of their arm fat. But when they focus solely on looks when exercising, they are often more prone to quitting when the results fall short of their expectations. 

As a beginner, setting small goals like finishing 10 push-ups in a row or running for a full mile without stopping can help you stay motivated. This method is usually more effective than focusing only on more elusive goals like achieving the perfect six-pack or chiseling your back muscles. 

6. Get a Little Competitive

Working out with others can bring out your competitive side

x shadyside trainer working out with client

Using social media to track your progress while also holding yourself accountable can be an incredibly effective method for staying on track towards your fitness goals. You can also support other friends who are going through a fitness journey on social media. Some people keep their friends challenged and motivated by holding fun games like a push-up competition or a 30-day fitness challenge on their fitness accounts.

7. Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself

Remember to treat yourself every once in a while

two woman standing outside in athletic outfits

You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while. Whenever you reach a new goal or accomplish something you never thought was physically possible for you before, consider treating yourself to something special. Maybe you want to treat yourself by spending a day at the spa or trying out that new frozen yogurt place near you. Either way, it’s important to reward yourself for your hard work. 

Staying motivated toward achieving your fitness goals is never easy. You are probably going to face a number of difficult obstacles and roadblocks on the way to hitting your goal. But as you settle into your workout routine and improve your fitness levels, you will only become more motivated as you come closer to reaching your goal. 

Having a personal trainer by your side, either physically or virtually, can also make a huge difference. X-Shadyside’s new fitness app makes it easy to work out virtually with a trainer. Join one of the most popular gyms in Pittsburgh, X-Shadyside, to start your new workout plan today.

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