X Shadyside is Ready to Open — Here’s What You Need to Know

Katherine's Journey

November 25, 2019

1. Why did you decide to start personal training? What were your original fitness goals when you started?

I started personal training with Josh because I wanted to feel confident at the gym, in my clothes, and in life. My original fitness goals were to get stronger and lose weight.

2. Did you achieve your original goal(s)? If so, what are your current fitness goals.

Yes! I did achieve my original goals and more. Currently, I'm focusing on getting stronger and excelling at certain exercises.

3. What's your favorite part of Personal Training at X Shadyside?

The training plan that Josh created is personalized to meet my fitness goals. Josh is flexible and works with my schedule. He also makes the workouts fun. He is extremely knowledgeable about each exercise it's affect on the body. I've learned so much through working with him. He also provides consistent workouts, making it easy to track my progress.

4. What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?

My favorite exercises is a squat to press (dumbell thrusters.) My least favorite (but necessary!) is the plank on the bosu ball.

5. What’s one thing that sets apart your personal trainer from all of the rest?

Josh is very knowledgeable about different exercises and is patient with goal-setting, while also pushing me to get stronger. He makes training fun, too!!

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