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Susan's Journey

January 14, 2020

Meet X Shadyside Personal Training client, Susan!

After suffering a shoulder injury and completing physical therapy, I needed to strengthen my shoulder and to improve it's range of motion.  I had hoped that weight training would help with these goals, as well as helping with overall physical fitness.Tom Kolos, my personal trainer, was able to devise a regimen that strengthened my muscles without exacerbating my shoulder injury. With Tom's expertise and encouragement, I am stronger now than I have ever been.Weight training was initially intimidating. X, however, is a welcoming, friendly gym.  Now I look forward to going to the gym, whether it's for weight training or group classes, like Pilates.The dead lift is my favorite exercise.  It brings the greatest challenge, but is also the most satisfying.  My least favorite exercise is the pull-up.

Susan Eles

"I began working with Susan shortly after joining the staff at X Shadyside in August, 2015. Based on her needs for strength gain in the shoulder, and the importance of overall strength, we began a powerlifting-centered twice weekly full body program. Her deadlift continuously impresses me. Every Tuesday, she adds either one rep or five pounds to her lift. The rapport with clients is so vital to personal training; I leave her sessions feeling energized each and every time, which in turn inspires me as both a trainer and an athlete."

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