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How Group Fitness Classes at Gyms in Pittsburgh Aid in Your Weight Loss Journey

January 24, 2020

If you’re like most people, you can’t get this picture of an idealized version of yourself out of your mind. Whether this ideal person is smarter, taller, thinner, or more toned, you continue to strive to be the best that you can be. However, sometimes finding the motivation and support to create the best version of yourself holds people back. At X Shadyside - a leader among gyms in Pittsburgh - we’ve helped thousands of people reach their wellness goals over the years. That’s why we’re here to help you tackle a major mode of self-improvement: weight loss. Here we will break down why group fitness classes could be the key to your weight loss journey and break down some of our best group classes for helping you reach your goals.

Why are group fitness classes great for weight loss?

Lose Weight at Gyms in Pittsburgh with the Help of Others

Group Fitness Classes Workout Pittsburgh

There’s a reason many weight loss journeys call upon a friend or workout buddy to get started. For some people, they feel out of place and intimidating when hitting the gym for the first couple of workouts. This is a completely normal feeling, so the desire to latch onto someone or a group of people helps ease anxious feelings related to working out.

As a leader among gyms in Pittsburgh, X Shadyside works hard to create a supportive fitness community: one that builds people up instead of tearing them down by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. One way we do this is by offering free unlimited group classes with every membership.

Group classes work for a number of reasons. Not only do you have this built-in support system with you from day one, but social support in groups is proven to support physical health. Additionally, having a group of people in a class creates a sense of camaraderie and accountability. While you’re building muscle and burning calories, you’re also developing a bond with the people in each class. Mutual suffering (read: cardio) does build friendship, after all.

Additionally, we can call upon psychology to explain why group fitness classes at gyms in Pittsburgh can help you lose weight. Social comparison theory explains an inherent desire to be the best in a group of people working toward a similar goal. Not only to do the worst people in the group want to be better, but the best people want to stay at the top. A bit of healthy, supportive competition can really make the difference for someone looking to improve and shed pounds.

Group Classes at Gyms in Pittsburgh to Try for Yourself

Looking for the Right Group Class for Weight Loss? Try These Out

Spin Class Group Pittsburgh

While it’s clear that group fitness classes at gyms in Pittsburgh are a great choice for losing weight, it can be difficult to decide which fitness classes are best for achieving your goals. That’s why X Shadyside has broken down our 3 best group classes for weight loss:

HIIT Group Fitness Classes in Pittsburgh

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is one of the best ways to effectively lose weight at gyms in Pittsburgh. Designed to be performed in circuits, HIIT classes involve intervals that gradually take you through cycles that increase your heart rate. For every 25 minutes of HIIT, you’ll improve your endurance while burning calories. Additionally, HIIT workouts improve your metabolism so that you can more easily burn calories throughout the day. X Shadyside offers HIIT cycling that helps you achieve these goals in a group setting for maximum results.

Spin & Cycling Classes in Pittsburgh

Spin and cycling classes are so much more than a fad in workouts -- they’re some of the best classes to join if you’re looking to shed some extra pounds. Spin classes are sure to get you sweaty and get your heart pumping. Moreso, however, spin classes also strengthen your hip muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. As these muscles grow, it gets easier to burn body fat with each workout. Additionally, much like HIIT workouts, spin classes increase your body’s metabolism so that you continue to burn fat after your class is over. X Shadyside offers a number of different types of cycling classes - including HIIT spin and Xpress spin - that burn as many as 600-800 calories per workout.

Bootcamp Fitness Classes in Pittsburgh

A key aspect of any workout routine is discipline. Designed to inspire Bootcamp-style discipline that you need, Bootcamp classes are centered around both cardio and strength-based exercises in short bursts with built-in rests. You’ll use major weight loss principles like intervals and resistance to reach the most effective workout possible. Bootcamp classes are great for people of all skill levels because modifications are made readily available with an X Shadyside trainer or instructor.

Think it’s time to master your weight loss journey once and for all? Check out the extensive class schedule available at X Shadyside - a leader among gyms in Pittsburgh - now to get started.

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