X Shadyside is Ready to Open — Here’s What You Need to Know

Meet X Shadyside’s New Remote Training App

July 15, 2020

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to their fitness regime. Some people are choosing to work out at home due to the pandemic. Others are looking for ways to extend their fitness experience beyond the four walls of a gym. No matter what your goals are, working out with a professional trainer wherever you go has never been easier. 

In fact, one of the top gyms in Shadyside is bringing their top-of-the-line training experts right to the comfort of your own home with a stunning new app. By using the tracking capabilities in your Apple Watch, X Shadyside’s own personal trainers can guide and motivate you throughout your workout. Before you know it, you will have achieved some of your best workouts yet. Learn more about this new specialized fitness app now. 

X Shadyside’s Impressive App Features

How One of the Best Gyms in Shadyside Brings a Personal Trainer to Your Home

x shadyside app features

This app was developed for both X Shadyside members and non-members with the help of Delta Trainer, a mobile app that specializes in motion analysis technology. Whether you want to shake up your old workout routine or add an extra challenge to your current fitness regime, the X Shadyside remote training app has all the features you need to achieve your personal fitness goals. 

Motion Analysis Technology

X Shadyside

When you are ready to go, you can start a new workout using the X Shadyside remote training app and your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch allows the app to collect information on your arm position, acceleration, rotation, and more. Everything from your form to the number of reps you complete is recorded through the Apple Watch

Using the app’s motion analysis engine, your trainer can monitor you throughout each exercise and rep. As they “watch” your movements, they can train and coach you as if they were standing right next to you. 

Custom Pairing with an Expert Trainer

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All new users start by filling out an initial survey. This helps us pair them with a fitness trainer that can help them reach their goals. Essentially, the survey serves as a virtual consultation that gathers pertinent information for their future trainer to create effective workouts. As you fill out the survey, you will answer questions regarding factors such as what days of the week you want to work out, your weight and age, and your overall fitness goals.

Once you are paired with a trainer, they will reach out to you and begin to assign custom workouts to you. Not only will your trainer assist you throughout every workout, but they will motivate you to see the big picture and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals. 


By combining the expertise of our personal trainers with the motion analysis technology provided by Delta Trainer, X Shadyside is able to successfully offer a new kind of training plan. Together, these programs offer a state-of-the-art fitness experience that is cheaper than traditional in-person training. 


Have Any Questions? Check Out Our FAQ Below

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What is remote training?

Remote training is a new type of fitness program that offers access to X Shadyside’s top trainers at the fraction of the cost of traditional training. Using our motion analysis engine, our trainers can monitor your every rep and train you as if they were standing right beside you. 

Who is the app designed for?

X Shadyside’s new remote training app is suitable for a variety of fitness enthusiasts. Some people arrive at the gym ready to work out, only to realize they aren’t sure where they should start. Other people travel a lot for business and are unable to retain a regular trainer. Many people also desire the ability to follow live training while being able to ask questions. 

What operating systems are compatible with this app?

X Shadyside’s new app is compatible with iOS devices. However, you will need an Apple Watch so your trainer can help monitor your workouts. We are currently working on an Android version. 

What is the time commitment for this?

The time commitment varies depending on your individual goals as well as your availability. Your trainer will work with you to help you stay motivated toward reaching your fitness goals. 

How much does the app cost?

New users start with a 7-Day free trial. If you find that this new training method, which gives you the ability to remotely train wherever you go while practicing safe social distancing guidelines, is the right fit for you, you can begin a $99/month subscription. This subscription is renewed on a month-to-month basis. 

Where can I download the app?

You can download the app on the mobile Apple store. Make sure you fill out our initial survey first. 

How do I get set up with a trainer?

To start, you just need to fill out a quick survey. This survey is a virtual version of one of our regular consultations. The survey will ask you questions about your fitness goals, equipment access capabilities, fitness experience, and more in order to gain a full understanding of what you need. 

X Shadyside wants to make you get the best workout of your life, whether it is at home or at the gym. That’s why we built our new, innovative X Shadyside Remote Training app. For more information on how you can safely stay in shape during the pandemic with our new app, contact one of our team members today.

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